Custom Hypnosis Recording

Custom hypnosis recordings are an increasingly popular tool for achieving changes in mindset and behaviour by using the power of hypnosis. 

This is because they already come with all of the advantages of hypnotic audios generally, which have been a popular trend in hypnotherapy for many years. They allow you to listen to audio files scripted by a professional hypnotherapist and work towards your goals without even having to leave the comfort of your home.

A custom hypnosis recording takes this exercise a step further with it being constructed specifically for you. I tailor each client’s hypnosis MP3 using information provided about their personal history, preferences and thinking styles.

custom hypnosis recording mp3

How Hypnotic Audio Evolved

The use of hypnotic recordings developed as a natural progression as audio technology enabled clients to be guided into the hypnotic state without a hypnotherapist being present.

Firstly, this became a useful ‘bonus’ tool for many in-person hypnotherapists who would give their clients either a pre-recorded audio to listen after / between sessions or record the actual session itself and then provide this later as an audio.  

Secondly, it produced a market for pre-recorded hypnotic audios, originally on analogue tape, then CD and now as digital MP3s. 

When developed by skilled therapists, these products can often be nearly as effective as private hypnotherapy sessions on a professional’s couch. What takes them to the next level, frequently surpassing what can be achieved from in-person sessions, is the use of custom hypnosis recordings. 

Professional Expertise In Custom Hypnosis Recording

As an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have used hypnosis to assist thousands of clients to make positive changes. I’ve been using such deeper-level techniques in my personal development work for over two decades. 

From a decade providing hypnotherapy on London’s famous Harley Street to now being focused almost exclusively on online hypnotherapy, a core component of my approach has always been the use of hypnotic audio. 

My online approach and custom hypnosis recordings now mean I can help numerous clients from around the world to make progress in resolving personal issues and achieving their goals. These include – but are not limited to:


  • Reaching professional performance goals
  • Reducing unhealthy habits, like smoking, drinking and gambling
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Boosting motivation for physical exercise
  • Reducing stress
  • Managing pain
  • Losing weight
  • Adopting healthy sleeping patterns
  • Enhancing memory and cognitive function
  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Overcoming exam related anxiety
  • Reducing impact of phobias
  • Support energy and healing work
  • Guided meditations for spiritual development and other esoteric themes (astrology, tarot and mysticism)

Why Choose Custom Hypnosis Recording


  • Tailored suggestions – By incorporating your personal linguistic preferences and metaphors, your audio is made more targeted and effective. 
  • Specific mental rehearsal – Harness the power of your imagination to overcome challenges and achieve results in the hypnotic state. it is then easier to translate these to the waking, ‘real world’.
  • Convenient and flexible – You will receive two versions of your audio – one that lets you fall asleep at the end and one that wakes you up. This means you can choose when and where you use your audio. 
  • Variety of techniques – As an experienced hypnotherapist, I am able to incorporate a range of different types of suggestion, including supraliminal, subliminal, embedded commands, analogue marking, etc.) 
  • Alpha State frequencies – To add to the immersive experience of using your audio, they incoroporate special sounds to promote the Alpha State (when brain wave activity slows down to between 7-14 HZ).
  • Privacy & confidentiality – Benefit from ordering from a trusted and experienced provider who will keep all information you provide both confidential and secure.

How It Works


  1. Once you place your order for your custom hypnosis recording, you will be sent to the online form to provide the customisation details
  2. I then use the information from the form to prepare your custom hypnosis recording
  3. Your audio files will be delivered to you as a download link via Dropbox within 10 working days.


Custom Hypnosis Audio Designed For You

This is a professional custom hypnosis audio service provided by a clinical hypnotherapist with over two decades’ experience:

  • High quality audio
  • Customised script tailored just for you
  • Suggestions based on your personal linguistic preferences and metaphors
  • Highly targeted to promote and support change in your subconscious mind

Your personalised hypnotic audio MP3 costs £250.

To order your custom hypnosis audio today please click here.