Do hypnotic audios actually work?

Yes. Naturally, individual results vary, but the overwhelming majority of people find them both enjoyable and beneficial.

They are best viewed and used as a tool that you actively use to support your progress not a ‘medicine’ that you passively take.

Some people get incredible results and like most practices, practice makes perfect, so the more you do, the better the results you will achieve.

I’ve tried meditation apps before and couldn’t get into them. How will this be different?

I meditate, I teach meditation and I wrote the book 7-Mindfulness. So I know how benefical such practices can be, but I also know how difficult they can be too.

Self hypnosis assisted by audios is very different and often feels like a lot more of the ‘heavy lifting’ is being done for you. There is no right or wrong way to experience the state, so with less pressure, people who struggle with meditation often take to hypnosis much quicker.

Why are custom hypnosis recordings better, can’t I just buy a pre-recorded audio?

You can certainly buy a pre-recorded audio and benefit from it. Depending on the recording chosen and skill of the hypnotist, you can get great results choosing from some of the best self hypnosis audios on the market. However, if you want even better results then a custom hypnosis audio is the next level.

I used to go running in any old pair of trainers and they were fine. Then I invested in a pair of customised running shoes. They felt better and more comfortable. I probably took my running a bit more serious too, so guess what, my running improved.   

My clinical experience of thousands of hypnotherapy sessions, producing several thousands recordings, has shown that custom audio is the ‘gold standard’. Plus, the more customised it is, the better the results.   

A pre-recorded audio is very similar to a group hypnosis session. Some suggestions, language and metaphors will resonate. Some will just have no relevance to the individual and no effect. And, on occasion, some may even jar or unsettle.

With my custom hypnosis recordings there is no such ‘hit and miss’. Using the information provided via the online form I can create a laser-focused audio using language and suggestions tailored to your linguistic preferences, personal metaphors and specific mental rehearsals.

Why are your custom audios so much more expensive than pre-recorded audios?


Firstly, it depends who you are comparing to. Sometimes my custom audios might be lower priced than some pre-recorded ones. 

Secondly, it’s common sense, these custom audios take a great detail of time to prepare. Once you have provided the information required via the online form, I need to analyse this, write a script, record it, add in additional tracks of suggestions, proof listen, master and finally deliver as your finished MP3s. 

For the difference in both quality and ultimate benefits, I believe my approach using custom hypnosis recordings is better value than both pre-recorded audios and in-person hypnosis. 

Are there any side effects from using hypnotic audios?

As my audios feature binaural beats, there is a recommendation that you seek specialist advice as to suitability if you have an irregular heartbeat, epilepsy or have a pacemaker fitted. This is based on a theoretical risk of potential side effects for these groups of people.

Other than that, the reported side effects are themselves positive. For example, most people experience a very different form of physical relaxation using the audios that leaves them feeling rested, yet energised.

Likewise, regardless of the thematic content, the act of taking time out to go into the hypnotic state usually has a calming, balancing effect on the mind and emotions more generally.

I personally practice self hypnosis using audios three times a week and recommend this to my clients as a good baseline level of practice. It is a convenient, yet very effective ingredient in any individual’s recipe for mind fitness and wellbeing. 

Can I order a custom hypnosis recording as a gift for someone else?


Yes, but remember that any experienced hypnotherapist will tell you that nearly all times that any form of hypnotherapy ‘doesn’t work’ is when it is booked and paid for by someone else.

The person you pay for must complete their own online form. I cannot produce a custom audio by proxy, THEY must provide the information so I can tailor it for THEM.

Likewise, the person you book for must also agree to and follow my Terms and Conditions.

This would be great for my group / team / students / family, is there a discount for bulk orders?


This is a very common request. Once the ‘penny drops’ how effective hypnosis recordings can be for an individual, it follows that people want to share the benefits with their own group(s).

A small discount is available, but please be aware that the work of producing custom audios remains exactly the same, so to maintain quality I cannot lower the individual recording price significantly. Likewise, for large groups, the waiting time for delivery of custom audios will have to be discussed and agreed at time of booking.

There is also the option of pre-recorded audios for your group, which you could then upgrade to custom versions for those who engage the most and/or find them the most beneficial.

To read more about my Group Package services please visit the dedicated page here.