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It is important to have realistic goals and not to expect or demand that hypnosis (or indeed anything!) should work as an instant ‘magic wand’.

Results can be dramatically positive, but it is better to view hypnotic audios as a tool to support progressively positive changes being made.

I recommend first aiming for a 10% improvement in the area you are working on or how you are feeling about it. If, like many people, you massively exceed this target and benefit far more, then great! If it takes more time as you make other adjustments then understand you are still on the right path, just progressing at a different pace.

Custom hypnosis recordings are therefore like any other tool – their effectiveness directly related to the pair of hands they are in. Have an open mind, positive attitude, clear and realistic goals, and you will get the most from this highly rewarding practice. By ordering below, you are agreeing that you have both read the FAQ and read and accepted the Terms & Conditions on this website.

Custom Hypnosis Recording (£250)

  • Professional hypnosis audio written and recorded by Rory M-J
  • Tailored suggestions for maximum positive effect
  • ‘Wake Up and ‘Sleep’ version provided for flexible use
  • Guidance on using your hypnotic audio for best effect.

(Note: Payment will appear as “Rory M-J (CCM)” on your statement)


Custom Hypnosis Recording MP3

Tailored hypnotic audio MP3. Includes two versions of your audio - 'Wake Up' (has a count at the end to bring you to full awareness) and 'Sleep' (lets you drift off to sleep at the end).


Note: Once you have ordered you will be sent to an online form to provide the customisation information for your audio. This can be bookmarked and completed later. Your audio will be delivered 14 days from date of form submission.